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Durante el verano tenemos un especial para Familias o grupos  de 4 personas, nuestra tarifa regular para 4 residentes de Puerto Rico es de $40.00 durante tiempo limitado en el verano el precio es de $32.00 y para los no residentes de $88.00 lo rebajamos a $68.00

During the summer we have a special for families or groups of 4, our regular rate for 4 residents of Puerto Rico is $ 40.00 for a limited time in the summer the price is $ 32.00 and for non-residents for $ 88.00 so we lowered to $ 68.00


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The only natural cave in Puerto Rico certified by the Department of Tourism,Puerto Rico-Ecotourism program... continue reading

Cueva Ventana, best of the things to do in Puerto Rico, as leaders of a 45-minute walk to an Indian cave tour, we are proud to offer the best of the Puerto Rico tourism attractions. It is an experience where visitors can be in real contact with nature and the environment.

Cueva Ventana "Cave-Window" is a large cave situated atop a limestone cliff in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Overlooking the magnificent Río Grande de Arecibo valley from the window is a breathtaking view.

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