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The only natural cave in Puerto Rico certified by the Department of Tourism Puerto Rico-Ecotourism program... continue reading

Cueva Ventana, best of the things to do in Puerto Rico, as leaders of a 45-minute walk to an Indian cave tour, we are proud to offer the best of the of Puerto Rico tourism attractions. It is an experience where visitors can be in real contact with nature and the environment.

Tickets are available for a 45 to 1-hour tour, including a guided tour licensed with Tourism Company of Puerto Rico, safety helmets, flashlights and Cueva Ventana booklet. Tickets are also available including Transportation to and from all hotels in San Juan and arranged pickup spots around San Juan.

For tickets go to the Entrance Tickets page. 

Cueva Ventana "Cave-Window" is a large cave situated a top a limestone cliff in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Overlooking the magnificent Río Grande de Arecibo valley from the window is a breathtaking view.

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The beauty of roadside sights on the way to Cueva Ventana is stunning while the views that await you from the cave are magnificent.  The cave window frames the Puerto Rico, Arecibo Valley!

 The fabulous scenes from cave window are the main reason Cueva Ventana has quickly become one of the top things to do in Puerto Rico and why over 50,000 visitors have been to the cave since we open our natural wonder to the public in September 2013. 

The adventure in and to the cave is an expedition with a guide to walk through the mountain and forest lasting 45 minutes to an hour, which offers a range of flora and fauna. Our visitors will be delighted to see stalactites, stalagmites, five species of bats, snakes (Puerto Rican boa, harmless-nonpoisonous) and insects (Guava spider) characteristic of the ecosystem.

Additionally, you can see petroglyphs and Taino Indians symbols, and very important for many, might be lucky that Christ's face appears in one of the pictures taken inside the cave, your tour guide will indicate the place where the image of Christ appears occasionally.

Your adventures in the island must include a visit to the Cueva Ventana a top Puerto Rico tourism attraction.  Your visit will be an unforgettable cultural, entertaining adventure in the Arecibo area. Whether you are looking for something to do while you visit our beautiful island, taking a break from everyday life with friends and family, or are looking to make new friends, we assure you that an exciting adventure is in store for you at Cueva Ventana.

We value the endorsement and Certificate of Excellence of the Department of Tourism of P.R. 

Cueva Ventana gained in popularity as a tourist attraction... continue reading




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